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The Committee members are at the end of the Committee descriptions.

SUMMER BOARD: Fill in for absent Board Members.  If no Board Member is present, check for mail and the voice mail system.  Meet the Guest Pastors before services to facilitate the Worship Service.  Meet as needed to handle emergencies as expeditiously as possible.  Approve expenditure of funds required for any emergency.  In the absence of the treasurer, be responsible for the collection and deposit of offerings.

ARCHIVES: Preserve church documents and records from earlier years. As much as possible, the original documents, pictures and artifacts should be stored in the vault. Prepare an annual report of the committee activities for the Board.

AUDIO-VISUAL: Oversee the operation of the sound system, including operation of equipment during services Make recommendations to the Board regarding major alterations, providing CDs for shut-ins and others who wish to have them. Provide visual (video/overhead) equipment and operation for church services as well as all other services or events. Train others to operate the equipment to provide relief for the regular operator(s).

ASSISTANT TREASURER: Responsible for the Accounting of the finances of the Church, including offerings and gifts given for special causes.

BIBLE STUDY: Make arrangements for weekly Bible study and provide for other Bible study activities as needed..

BUILDING AND GROUNDS: Be responsible for maintenance and repair of WVCF property. Arrange for volunteer or professional help as necessary. Major expenses or alterations are to be approved by the Board. Prepare an annual report to the Board.

BULLETIN: Be responsible for collecting information from various sources, including the ministers, and prepare and print an appropriate quantity for our worship services.

CHURCH DIRECTORY: Collects current information on church members, arranges for directory photos, prints, and distributes church directory.

CHURCH SECRETARY: Collects information from Pastors, Board president and members, committee chairs, etc. to prepare the Sunday bulletin.  Submits the advance bulletin information to the web site coordinators for keeping web site current.  Sends bulletins in both electronic and paper format to church members at their request.  Maintains the church calendar.

CHURCH SIGN OUTSIDE: Makes periodic changes to outside church sign to highlight messages and current information about our church.

COMMUNION: Provide and prepare the elements for each observance of the Lord's Supper.

FINANCE: Provide budget for annual meeting. Prepare annual offering schedule for Board approval. Provide for annual audit. Raise money for special projects as needed.

FLORAL AND DECORATIONS: Provide flowers for church services, including special events or seasonal decorations.

FUNERAL: Offer the services of the church and work with bereaved family if they so desire, in arranging funeral or memorial services, such as ushering, help to serve lunch provided by the family at post-funeral reception and meals.  The Funeral Committee is only responsible for funerals that are held at our church in Sun City.  The committee will supply coffee after the service, if needed, at the church expense.  The Board is responsible for sending sympathy cards and memorial contributions for funerals held away from West Valley Christian Fellowship.

GREETER AND REFRESHMENT SCHEDULING:  Arrange schedule of greeters for each Worship service.  Arrange schedule of persons responsible for refreshments at both services.  Give schedule to Bulletin committee.

GUEST BOOK: Supervise Guest Book use before services and send out letters of acknowledgment to visitors who leave a complete address.  Make arrangements for name tags for guests who plan to attend regularly.

KITCHEN: Arrange for purchase of kitchen supplies. Oversee proper use of kitchen. Organize refreshments for post service fellowship.  Keep inventory of all added materials in the Library and provide the files for updating the church web site.

LIBRARY: Process materials so as to make them available for circulation and return. Select reading material and solicit donations of books.

MINISTER OF PASTORAL CARE: The minister of pastoral care visits and consoles the sick, the grieving, and the shut-ins of our church. He keeps church members informed of prayer and service needs through announcements in the bulletin, prayer chains, and by verbal announcements at various church functions.

MISSION OUTREACH: Provide statement of identity for WVCF visitors and community.  Make proposals for ways for our church to reach out spiritually to others.  Explore possibilities for missionary support.  Refer names of inquirers and interested visitors to the minister of pastoral care for follow up.

MUSIC: Provide ministry of music and accompanists for worship services. Oversee care and use of musical instruments. Provide help to the Worship Committee in planning Worship Service liturgy.

PRAYER CHAIN: Arrange and publicize the Prayer Chain roster and oversee its use.

PUBLICATION/PUBLICITY: Arrange for notices in such publications that will bring WVCF to the attention of the public. Coordinate with the Property Committee as to the placement and maintenance of Church signs.

PULPIT SUPPLY: Schedule pulpit supply for all worship services. A list of Pastors should be submitted to the Board for consideration.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Plan social events for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Spring Picnic. Arrange for a monthly social function, held on the second Tuesday of each month during the months of October through May.

TRANSPORTATION/FRIENDSHIP: Arrange for transportation to Church Services and social functions, medical appointments, or other emergencies for those requesting such help. For routine riders, providers should call their riders ahead of time.  Visit the sick, send cards, organize sending of meals to members/non-members in need.

USHER COORDINATORS: Arrange schedule of ushers for all Worship Services. Count attendance and report number to the Treasurer. Take the offerings and assist with the counting after the services. If an usher fails to appear, he should be replaced for that service in a timely manner.

WEB SITE COORDINATOR: Arranges for acquisition and retention of West Valley Christian Fellowship web site and arranges for keeping the information current.

WORSHIP: Monitor the liturgy and content of Worship Services. Plan special services such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, Easter and Prayer Services.

Copies of all committee minutes should be submitted to the Board Chairman. Requests and proposals should be submitted at least two days before the monthly Board meeting. All Committees should submit an annual written report to the Board by March 1 of each year.




(Updated 04/09/2017)

CHURCH BOARD: Gene Pierson (Board President), Ron Groelsma (Board Vice President), Janel Watson (Board Secretary), Paul Hendriksen (Board Treasurer),

Wayne De Jonge, Gary Nyland

Summer Board: Harold Van Loozenoord, Harold Van Sant,

Don Lenhart, Rodger Buining

Church Secretary – Sandy Krista

Bookkeeper – Gord Katt

Organist – Gary Nyland

Minister of Pastoral Care – Rodger Buining


(Underlined denotes Chairperson)

Alarms Contact:

Paul Hendriksen, Sandy Krista (summer)


Joanne De Jonge

Audio Visual:

Gene Pierson, Cal Freeburg, George Deneke, Randy Buining, Don Lenhart

Bible Study:

Ernie Engbers, Rodger Buining, Marijane Buining

Building and Grounds:

 Paul Hendriksen, Gord Katt, Merl Alons, Bob Pell, Rich Dragt

Bulletin, Greeter, Usher, Refreshment Scheduling:

 Sandy Krista

Church Sign (Outside):

 Gord & Merele Katt, Sandy Krista (Summer)


 Sandy Krista, Gord & Merele Katt, Harold & Suzy Van Sant


 Sandy Krista

Decorations & Floral:

Geneva Engbers, Marge Bonnema, Shirley Pierson, Judy Van    Klompenberg (Advent) Gene & Shirley Pierson, Clare Doornbos


 Harold Van Loozenoord, Sandy Krista (phone only)


 Paul Hendriksen, Ernie Engbers, Jack Smant, Wayne De Jonge,

 Gord Katt (checkbook – winter), Sandy Krista (summer)

Fire Department Contact:

Paul Hendriksen, Sandy Krista (summer)


Merl Alons, Marge Bonnema, Maxine Deneke, Marijane Buining,

Myra Heibult, Suzy Van Sant

Guest Book:

Nelvia Vander Vegte, Merele Katt, Ruth Smant, Lois Veldkamp


 Paul Hendriksen, Sandy Krista (summer)


 Don & Rose Scheffer, Marge Bonnema, Gladys Jacobsma,

  Grace Nyland, Jane Preslar, Gord & Merele Katt (buyers only)


 Joanne De Jonge, Grace Nyland, Lois Veldkamp, Shirley Pierson,

 Judy Van Klompenberg


 Gord & Merele Katt (winter), Sandy Krista (summer)

Membership Books:

 Sandy Krista

Mission Outreach:

 Shar Spykerman


Sandy Krista, Gary Nyland

Prayer Chain:

 Rodger Buining, Nelvia Vander Vegte


 Jim Terpstra, Sandy Krista (Directory & Brochures) , Gene Pierson

Pulpit Supply:

Sandy Krista

Social Activities:

 Cal & Cheryl Freeburg, Rich & Marie Dragt, Don & Rose Scheffer

Sprinkler System & Landscape Contact:

 Paul Hendriksen, Sandy Krista (summer)


 Merl & Rose Alons, Janel Watson

Water valve contact:

 Paul Hendriksen, Sandy Krista (summer)


 Jim Terpstra, Sandy Krista


Rodger Buining, Sandy Krista, Gary Nyland, Don Lenhart



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